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5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Lawyers

How is Amazon Solving Murder Cases?

47-year-old Victor Collins, a dad of five, was found lying dead in a hot bath tub in 22nd of November 2015. Arkansas. He was strangled and sank. The man who owns the property where the body was found is finally arrested although the solid evidence tends to be missing. To help find a solution for the crime, the police looked to a near Amazon Echo.

There is no proof to show that the police were asking Alexa whether the device could provide them with a solution to the murder case at hand. The machine is believed to have gathered what the police were desperately looking forward to seeing and hearing. The Amazon has been hiding the recordings of the scene of murder, although it was plugged in ,and proved that it was listening to all that had happened. The police did not stop to emphasize for the data to be revealed throughout the year from March.

The Amazon has been fighting the law enforcement affidavit that was sent out aiming at retrieving the data that they believed may offer important evidence to settle the crime scene. Perception of data and business was what could only have assisted in understanding their resistance. Moreover, recording talks and action is not what the Echo was created for so that the Amazon can use it as evidence to accuse clients. That could only lead to ruining of the dependence between the Amazon and its customers. Now the firm has the information surrendered to the authorities and accessed as well.

A similar case arose and also the world of tech found itself in trouble once more. The San Bernardino attack of shooting was held in the year 2015 In December. In the same year but in a different month of December, there was a shooting attacked in the San Bernardino. The FBI wanted to take a look at the iPhone of one of the attackers which they believed contained some crucial information and because of that, they ordered for a court order. Apple kept in mind that something was not right about revealing their client’s confidential information and disapproved to the order. Confidential info about clients served by the Apple is kept personal and cannot reach the public unless there the client approves to that. Eventually, the scene was finally ended by a third party who unlocked the cell phone. Due to both scenarios, there were some crucial questions about the data confidentiality nature and the responsibilities of the firms to their clients. Many can now tell why it is important to let out data that the police can use to put criminals in jail.

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